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First you must differentiate the news medias. There are three kinds of news medias relative to each country. There is independent news media which is independent from corporate ownership. There is foreign news media which is less susceptible to control from domestic politics. And there is corporate news media which is owned by wealthy individuals and large corporations and are used by their owners to push their corporate agendas. The corporate news media defines the issues, frames the debates, and shills the agendas of the wealthy establishment and corporate cartels. The TV corporate news medias are entertainment divisions owned by larger corporations, many of whom are weapons defence contractors. The corporate news media is fomenting a society where the only people who are entitled to the benefits of the society's wealth are the owners of corporations. The corporate news media reduces civic discourse to the superficiality of personality politics. When the corporate media "phrases the questions" within their narratives, it doesn't matter what the answers are. The corporate news media wants to "control the narrative", control the "mass culture zeitgeist", control the "political landscape", rewrite history, and control "popular opinion" and they do so by "framing the debate" thereby creating "false dichotomies."

The corporate news media does not believe in the concept "the truth." Believing in "the truth" and the concept of "the truth" are enlightened "Liberal" ideals which the corporate elite and their corporate lackeys woefully disdain. The corporate masters believe in wealth, authority and power above all else, facts notwithstanding. The corporate masters do not believe in the concepts of "the real world", "reality" and "facts." They believe their world consists of the people that matter to them; themselves and their friends they socialize with, and everybody else is peasant labor or surplus population. They believe that "the truth" is nothing more than popular opinion which they can control by controlling "the narrative".

The corporate news media does not offer much information or facts the public, instead they give a derrogatory presentation of opinion, celebrity worship, trivia, personality politics, ridicule, false indignation, sarcasm, disingenuous arguments, intellectually dishonest arguments, faux outrage, and overbearing sanctimonious arrogance. Don't get all your info from the corporate media because their job is not to inform the public, their job is to form/mold opinions in the minds of the public. It is called mind-control.

The corporate masters' ultimate goal is to create a "corporate state" world just like they have in third world countries, just one big "Plantation State" or "Company Town". The corporate masters' control/manage the populace by determining the choices available to them. For them, they do not believe in the commonwealth or mankind. They want to live in the big luxury houses on the hills, safe behind gated communities, and for everybody else to live in shanty towns downstream from their industrial waste plants. They want to turn America into a "post-industrial nation" that does not produce anything, export jobs to third world countries, and force Americans to compete for wages against the poorest most impoverished countries. They want to turn America into a "post industrial" "service economy" where everybody works multiple part-time jobs without any job security, job benefits, medical coverage, or rights. They want to concentrate America's wealth into the bank accounts of the wealthiest people, and then export it to hide it in foreign countries so they won't pay any taxes. They will make money through schemes such as asset bubbles and credit crunches, not actually produce anything. They will fight ruthlessly against anything that benefits the public like better education, government health care, cleaner environment, living wages, free speech, peace, unions, and open political discourse. The corporate masters will use the best marketing techniques to engineer false arguments to control and manipulate the public. They don't have to fool all the people all the time, just enough people to sway elections to their lackey "made men." The corporate masters use their mouthpieces, the corporate news media and politico pundits, to control the swing voters' perception of reality. They want the public to live in a perpetual state of "passive resignation" to accept whatever the corporate news media and politico pundits tell them to think.

Examine all the links below this commentary and quotes. The real news websites listed below tell you the news that the tabloid corporate-media refuses to report. Bookmark the links to the real news websites below and check them frequently. Tell your friends about the BBC, Air America Radio, PBS NOW show, and these other news websites because they tell you the real news, not the corporate-media think-tank paid-pundit spun-propaganda "faux news" the USA based news networks spew. Even though the BBC News has been neutered somewhat after the former heads of the BBC, Gavyn Davies and Greg Dyke, refused to apologize for telling the truth and were forced to resign, the BBC is still better than USA based corporate news. It is up to you to decide to find the truth about the world for yourself. I don't list the names of these websites so you can find out what they are as you search for the truth. USA based corporate-news-media-networks have been so increasingly deceptive and manipulative that the more educated people in this country and many people in the rest of the world think of USA based news networks as illegitimate and not credible. The amount of unsavory deceit, duplicity, complicity, and manipulation by USA based corporate-news-networks is abominable. As soon as you go on the internet to read how foreign journalists cover the same events, you immediately become aware of the fact that USA based news networks have a "unique" spin on the world (to put it mildly). The majority of Americans get their news from the network news services and they have been making choices based on the USA based news networks' duplicitous propaganda. Americans who live in "the Midwest" don't have access to alternative news sources and have been manipulated by the corporate-media to believe in lies that would shock Americans who live in the big cities. American "mainstream" news media is owned by a small group of wealthy individuals who use the news media to promote their corporate agendas. These wealthy individuals socialize with their peers who have the same backgrounds (same neighborhoods, colleges, fraternities, prep schools, private schools, etc.,) at their elite social institutions (rich white Anglo-Saxon Protestant men only clubs) and set the political agendas for the rest of society. In the business world these businessmen are at each others' throats, but in politics, they form cartels to work for their class' interests. Through their subsidized think-tanks, they funnel huge campaign contributions to the political parties to control the politicians. Through their media outlets, these wealthy individuals frame the national dialogue. The media cartel serves their masters. The TV news medias support only politicians who can raise the most money from the corporate-think-tanks who will in turn use that money to buy TV advertising. The TV news medias only cover politicians who can afford to buy lots of expensive TV advertising. The "mainstream" news medias shun all politicians who cannot buy lots of expensive advertising. The wealthy individuals control the journalists by employing them at their media outlets and by bribing them through their think-tanks; think-tanks bribe journalists with hundreds of thousands of dollars for private speaking engagements (some of these speaking engagements are actually junkets - expensive paid vacations where the journalists don't actually have to speak). Corporate-mainstream-network journalists who don't "play ball" and tow the party line get cut off from the trough, get demoted, or just fired and blackballed. For the corporate-mainstream-network journalists who do "play ball" with the corporate-think-tanks, there is a revolving door of employment between corporate-mainstream-network news outlets, think-tanks, kickback jobs as "image consultants" and "message consultants", and even official political-patronage "advisement" appointments in government. For the politicians that "play ball" with the corporate-think-tanks, there is a revolving door of employment between political offices (won in elections or gained via partisan appointments, political-patronage), think-tanks, and seats on board of directors for front/shell corporations that exist from government contracts. The issues that concern the publics' interests are shut out of the mainstream political dialogue. Some of these wealthy individuals not only have the interests of their corporations ahead of the publics' interests, they have the interests of foreign countries ahead of the publics' interests. This cabalistic society is like a mythical Chimera (mythical creature that had one body and many heads) for those dissenters who speak up against the cabal will be shouted down and smeared by surrogate paid-media-pundits superficially coming from many separate media channels but all saying the same think-tank-prescribed "talking points". The cabal's paid-pundits in the media never substantiate their claims, they just harass dissenters with ad hominem attacks and straw man arguments (see the logical fallacies links below). The political parties work to socialize corporations' costs, risks, and cleanup while privatizing profits. When profits were privatized and losses were socialized, that is a definition of a fascist economy. The public subsidizes big business' research and development, pays for big business' liability, and pays for cleaning up the messes caused by big business' by-products, pollution, and environmental degradation. Corporations use the media and politicians to shift the burden of economic risk from corporations and the government onto the backs of the average citizen. Partisan politics is a means in itself, a business that functions as a clearing house for corporate interests. Political party conventions are farces designed to patronize the ideologues, but the candidates themselves are oblivious to their own parties' "platforms" and are sometimes outright contemptuous of their hard core members. The corporate-mainstream-news-media is the mouthpiece of the corporations. The corporate-news-mainstream-media fools as many people (as necessary to "decide" elections) into believing that their anointed political parties' candidates have the publics' interests. The political parties hire pollsters and political consultants who can measure what the public cares about, and then semantically modify their pitch to manipulate the public into believing that the politicians are going to do what the people want when the politicians are going to do exactly the opposite. The most manipulated and lied to citizens live in the Midwest and "swing states" that "decide" elections; the media gives them different news from the rest of America.

The corporate-news-mainstream-media are liars, professional liars at that who are contemptuous to democracy, democratic ideals, and the publics' interests. The newscasters who've risen to the top got there by being the most backstabbing manipulative players who screwed over everyone else who competed against them. The people in the news business are quintessential kiss-up, kick-down sort of people. The only reason why they keep their jobs is their ability to lie, manipulate, and appear sincere when they are lying. Corporate-news-mainstream-media newsreaders wear poker faces and lie without any qualms, compunction, and penitence. Corporate-news-mainstream-media newsreaders are pretentious sanctimonious disingenuous people who put on airs of superiority and infallibility and are able to feign indignation, feign sincerity, and pretend to care. Foreign news sources and domestic independent USA news sources frequently use verifiable facts to contradict almost everything shilled by USA based news networks. USA based "mainstream" corporate-news have lost so much credibility that it has become a joke. In American news media, the punditocracy's pack journalism is the standard norm. Instead of giving the public real news, USA based "mainstream" corporate-news shills tabloid news that panders to the media "market bias" of the day. The media cartel tries to turn the public into passive consumers instead of active citizens. The media is full of partisan hacks/pundits, who push corporate mythology, push corporate talking points, frame the debates in terms the corporate politicos want, and shut out all political dissent from the national dialogue. The partisan hacks act as opinion molders by being surrogates for the political parties and lobbyists; the politicians themselves will remain "clean" from making attacks because the surrogate partisan hacks/pundits in the corporate media will do that dirty campaign work for them. Corporate politicos can never convince people to vote against their own economic self-interests, so instead they campaign to trick the people. Since corporate politicos can't offer logical rational arguments to people, they go for irrational illogical arguments. Corporate politicos poll the people to find out what are the most decisive "hot button"/wedge issues and then create vitriolic aggressive campaigns using false information to unfairly smear their opponents. The corporate news media goes along with the corporate politicos by shilling disinformation to the public, not refuting blatantly false disinformation, and shutting out all dissenting voices, all the while disingenuously pretending to be unbiased news. People in foreign countries look at Americans with dismay, like we've been brainwashed by corporate PR. Most Americans are totally oblivious to the geopolitical consequences of their actions because the corporate media doesn't want the public to know what geopolitics is. The American public is sheltered from the truth about the world that foreign people are aware of. Ignorance is bliss and the real news you'll read below is disturbing. I've met people who never read the news and they live perfectly happy, and I've met people who care about humanity and the truth and are frustrated and depressed; but the former are dupes while the latter are the wiser. You can go on believing the disinformation the USA based news networks shill and live in ignorance, or you can read these websites to start finding out the truth. The choice is yours.

The ruling classes, the very wealthy owners of corporations, see things differently than all the classes below them. Whereas working class people are manipulated by the corporate media into believing in nationalism, ethnic identity, and religions, the ruling classes believe in none of those things. The ruling classes believe in power and social economic status. The ruling classes of the societies around the world all associate and socialize with each other at exclusive luxury resorts and economic summits. To them, it does not matter how they got their money or how they maintain it, all that matters is that they have it. Ivy League educated corporate executives socialize with politicians, media owners, news personalities, dictators, criminals, and strongman leaders of the most oppressive regimes; leadership is their elite club. Their children socialize in the most elite exclusive Ivy League schools and join very odd "secret" fraternities. They believe they are above morality, above ethics, and "beyond good and evil." They also see the rest of humanity as de facto slaves and their enemies.

Although tens of thousands of working people came to protest George Bush and his suspiciously-named "free trade" economic policies; they were invariably smeared by the corporate media as "Leftists" or "radicals"; eliminating the possibility that they were simply concerned citizens participating in the democratic process. This is the familiar tactic of the corporate media to marginalize ordinary people whose interests don't correspond to those of the ruling elite. When the Democrats are in power, the media uses the same techniques to dismiss any criticism. That's how they play their game. The corporate media divides dissent to get critics fighting over egos and the minor points where they disagree. The corporate media marginalizes dissent by finding insane individuals and painting all dissenters as being just like the crazy fringe nuts. The corporate media does anything possible to make dissenters disassociate from each other and make them go off on irrelevant tangents. The corporate media must always present itself as being the ultimate authority on what issues reach public discourse, controlling how the issues are framed and on who gets to be heard. Dissenters who protest against corrupt politicians and corrupt government practices are attacked by the corporate media media as being unpatriotic and anti-government; the medias do this in the most supposedly democratic countries just as in the worst oppressive regimes. Any bottom-up grass roots issue that does not come from them is an affront to their top-down authority so they condescendingly marginalize and dismiss.

The "controlled opposition" is weak, impotent, and ineffectual. The corporate news media has effectively marginalized the political views of the vast majority of people in America and the rest of the world. Millions of people can protest in the streets and the corporate news media will summarily ignore, dismiss, marginalize, trivialize, redefine, and ridicule them, and then look the other way as the police (or whatever enforcer goons the power elite use) beat them down violently and mercilessly. The corporate news media always lumps together the most extreme fringe elements with the majority of protesters so that all the protesters could be denounced as freaks, this is the "Broad Brush fallacy" or "sweeping generalization fallacy". Some of the "controlled opposition" are "honeypots." They are organizations created by the powers that be for the purpose of collecting names of all the people that oppose them. Sometimes the powers that be use "Agent provocateurs" to try to persuade the people in these groups to do illegal activities, and entrap them, so they could then arrest everyone in the group; years later the truth comes out that the instigators of illegal activities were paid informants and undercover agents, the convictions are thrown out, but the damage is done. The ruling elite know that there are always people who are going to oppose their dirty tricks, manipulations, lies, and criminal activity so the best way to control their opposition is to concentrate them, take down names, smear them in the media, intimidate them, and render them ineffectual. Everybody knows this is going on and that makes people afraid to do anything that would get them added to any kind of "watch list" where they would be "flagged" and punished later.

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