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Lizzie Grubman Public Relations

Grubman PR is the employer of Lizzie who heads a staff of 30, including Liz Cohen, Jessica Meisels, Brenda Loutheray; daughter of Allen Grubman - the biggest music industry attorney in New York (see below in lawyers section), Elizabeth Grubman is the biggest publicist in the music industry and has been very successful in promoting musicians including jazz musician/record producer Quincy Jones; Lizzie has worked for many R&B, soul, rap, and hip-hop artists; Lizzie has worked on numerous charities to help children worldwide such as these: Pearl S. Buck International, Jacob's Cure, Heineken Foundation.

Comment: Lizzie Grubman has always been a very kind, professional, hard working person and I don't think she would do anything on purpose to hurt anybody. As tragic as this accident is, it is totally and completely irrelevant to everyone's lives and the media coverage is outrageously out of proportion to its significance. People who live in the Hamptons have a real serious problem - a contaminated ground-water site; that means cancer causing toxins such as Arsenic are in their drinking water, but the media ignores such things as that. The water in the Hamptons is polluted with chemicals. Read this article: Why Cancer Rates in the Hamptons Are So High. Read this article that says "... it was revealed that the New York State Cancer Registry data showed shockingly high breast and prostate cancer incidence rates in eastern Suffolk County ...": Radiation: From Bikini Island to Long Island. Those multi-millionaire mansions are practically on a toxic nuclear wasteland. Lizzie Grubman's mother was another victim of cancer.

The Hamptons are the neighborhoods of the wealthy first American families. Conscience Point is the spot where some of the first English settlers landed in America. The "old money" became wealthy by being here "first", kicking the Native American Indians off their land (getting the US Army to kill them off), claiming ownership of that land, and then charging rent to everybody else that came afterwards. That's how the "old money" rich became rich - their great great great grandparents TOOK the land and became "the establishment." If the land a family dynasty claimed had oil or minerals on it, then that made them even wealthier. The rich kids who invade The Hamptons during the summer are the "new money" and the "old money" hates the idea that the "new money" is encroaching on their turf. Lizzie Grubman's clients included people who work in the entertainment industry, African Americans and other people. Lizzie Grubman held charity baseball games in Hampton?s public parks with gangsta rap stars. Some of her clients liked The Hamptons so much, they decided to move there. How do you think the "old money" liked that?

The Southampton officials tried hard to shut down the Conscience Point club (a nominal sacrifice because they won't touch the other revenue generating cash cow clubs) to show they are actually "doing something" while they are doing nothing about the poisoned drinking water, the much larger problem. The NY Daily News and NY Post reporters have a mean grudge against her because she would not let them into the private parties she has organized (for clients); Lizzie's parties are run by and paid for by the clients - clients determine the location and guest list.

Some people have felt snubbed and insulted by Lizzie because she would not let them into the parties she organized for her clients. Her clients, not her, make the guest lists. Parties are planned weeks ahead of time, guests must RSVP. Catering is planned for those that RSVP'ed. The caterers add an extra charge for every uninvited party crasher. Since the party is already budgeted, that charge comes out of Lizzie's profit. Do you think it is fair for anybody off the street to crash YOUR party? Then why do the reporters think they have a right to crash her organized parties uninvited, and then be indignant when they aren't let in? Her work is client-driven client-based. Would you let anybody that wanted to, anybody off the street, to invite themselves into your house parties? Does the company you work for let anybody off the street into their parties? No, obviously not. When she is stopping uninvited party crashers, she is doing her job.

Both newspapers have printed false and misleading articles on her such as a story on how a client, the Conscience Point Inn, had "fired" her when actually that client is keeping her employed; those newspapers never print retractions. NY Daily News and NY Post reporters harassed all of her clients, threatening to print articles which name them and trying to somehow connect them to the accident; the NY Post was successful in "persuading" David Sarner of Cabana restaurant at the Capri hotel in Southampton to fire her - so they now had a "new story" to run the newspaper - more grist for their mill. NY Daily News and NY Post reporters are manufacturing a "controversy" when the majority of the people have never heard of her, don't care about the accident, and don't see the relevance of the accident to their daily lives. But those reporters are creating a "crisis" and manufacturing the illusion that the public cares about this.

This is very disturbing because if those newspapers can manufacture a controversy out of such a trivial matter (to the mainstream), then how much of everything else they report on is legitimate news or is even true at all? NY Daily News and NY Post reporters are actually "camped out" in cars outside her apartment and workplace, are following her everywhere she goes, are questioning everyone she knows or has talked to, and are harassing her on the streets - if any other person did this they would be called "stalkers." Photographers curse at her with foul language to get her to look up at the cameras with an angry look on her face, and then they use those pictures in the newspapers, after using Photoshop to "wash out" her appearance. NY Daily News and NY Post reporters continually "play" the angle that she made a racist insult while these reporters simultaneously use a racist term "Jewish American princess" ("princess" for short, but the meaning is understood) in all their articles and the reporters pretend not to notice that she is "white" (whatever that means). The NY Post gave away one of their photos to someone who created a sick online "game", offensively called the "Lizzie Grubman game" or "white trash game."

The media is exploiting the tragedy of the accident to distract the public from the real news that affects everyone's lives. Campaign finance reform was killed in Congress recently, genetically modified food labeling was killed in Congress, health care reform was killed, and the media ignores massive protests against globalization and war. There have been a lot more people being beaten and shot while protesting globalization and war than were hurt in the Hamptons accident. The mainstream media purposely ignores these important issues at the crucial times when they were being debated and is using the story on this accident to distract and manipulate the public.

During the exact same time that Lizzie Grubman had her accident, FOX NEWS anchor Shepard Smith was also involved in car accident. Lizzie Grubman is only known to people in the fashion and entertainment industry in New York and Miami whereas Shepard Smith is an internationally known news anchor for FOX NEWS. There was a "news blackout" on Shepard Smith's accident and a "media circus" overkill on Lizzie Grubman's accident. The news media's blatant unbalanced unfairness in covering these car accidents demonstrates how phony the news media really is.

NY Daily News and NY Post reporters tryed to scapegoat her for all of NY's social and economic problems by "playing" the on the publics' "hot buttons" on race, social and economic problems, class envy, old money vs. new money wealth, and they are trying to turn this tragedy into a "product" they can commodify, package, and sell to the public. NY Daily News and NY Post reporters encouraged a group of protestors at private party the reporters mistakenly thought Lizzie had organized. The tabloid media was/is "inventing" the news by staging events/confrontations. The tabloid news seems to be trying to encourage stalkers to harass, terrorize and threaten her. She has been continually harassed so much that she has had to hire bodyguards. For a "hot story" on a tragic accident, the NY Daily News and NY Post reporters sadistically have turned her life into one of constant fear. NY Post have turned the victims' plight into a joke by promoting a contest to give away a Mercedes SUV as a "Lizziemobile" and driving it around the Hamptons as a promotional device for the NY Post - an excuse to keep the story "hot" in the media every day when they have nothing new to report. Those tabloids pretend to care about the people hurt, but they have not run any articles on any of them, obviously their only purpose is to bash and humiliate Lizzie. Local ABC TV station in NY has exploited this story shamefully. The NY Daily News and NY Post reporters are exploiting "schadenfreude" (sadistic pleasure at the misfortune of others) and are making their newspapers and media look cruel and sadistic to the rest of the world. The media can't even pronounce her name correctly which is pronounced like the word "groove" (or worse, they purposely mispronounce her name to sounds more like "grub" to associate her with the word "grubby" which insults her ethnicity).

The tabloids were trying to demonize and vilify her to manipulate the public into hating her. This story is so irrelevant to peoples' lives. The tabloids try to manipulate the public to hating her for receiving so much unwarranted attention; they overexpose her then they bash her for being overexposed. The interviewers pretend to be her friend in long interviews, then select out of context statements to make her look bad. Just like Rush Limbaugh and Art Bell's anti-government propaganda encouraged the Oklahoma City bombers, NY Daily News and NY Post reporters are encouraging some kind of violence against her. In the USA, people are innocent until proven guilty, while in the media, people are guilty until proven innocent.

During the exact same time the NY media was going nuts over trying to bash Lizzie, various politicians and appointed officials were trying to warn the public about terrorist attacks. The public should have been more aware of those terrorist threats but the media grossly failed to do their jobs and keep the public informed. When 9-11 happened, the public was caught completely off guard. People stayed inside the twin towers because they were unaware that what was happening was a terrorist attack. On the day 9-11 happened, the news media had anti-Lizzie Grubman bashfests instead of John Ashcroft's warnings. The news media was so engrossed in tabloid crap that the news media was no longer capable of giving the public real news. The news media in their stupidity failed the public.

I AM NOT commenting on the accident because I was not there. I am only talking about HOW the media has covered this. Read real news instead of tabloid crap. Don't let the media turn you into a "sheep." The "mainstream" media outlets outright refuse to cover real news events that effect peoples' lives and instead distract the public with irrelevant crap news. I urge you to turn your backs on the crap the tabloid media is selling and bookmark all the real news websites I've linked to below.

Examine all the links below. The real news websites listed below tell you news that the tabloid media refuses to report. Bookmark the links to the real news websites below.

The commentary below does not specifically relate to Lizzie Grubman. Lizzie Grubman is a publicist who was bashed mercilessly and unfairly for a car accident. Below is a comment on the corporate news media.

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