Mishal Husain
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This webpage is dedicated to the Breakfast from BBC World, PBS Wide Angle journalist and BBC News presenter Mishal Husain. She is an journalist from England who will someday become very famous, but for now, only Brits know about her.

Mishal Husain used to be the presenter for BBC News America until right-wing BBC pundit Katty Kay replaced her. The BBC used to be the only source of news that was free from the right-wing bias that American corporate news networks have. Before President Bush started his war in Iraq, a BBC reporter Andrew Gilligan reported that the British government had created a "dodgy dosier" full of false evidence to justify President Bush's and British Prime Minister Blair's preemptive war against Iraq. Though the "dodgy dosier" was later found to be based on a plagiarized 12 year old thesis written by a college student and all the claims of Iraqi weapons of mass distruction were found to be false evidence fabricated by the Blair government, the BBC was chastized by the Blair government for doing their jobs and honestly and truthfully reporting the facts. Gavyn Davies, chairman of the BBC board of governors, was forced to resign by Lord Hutton. The era where the BBC was one of the few bastions of truth on American TV was over. The BBC is now run by a more conservative administration that is less likely to report news that contradicts the official Blair government. Mishal Husain, who had been reporting facts which contradicted the news spin shilled by American corporate news media, was replaced by right wing conservative pundit Katty Kay. Katty Kay pushes right-wing talking points, does not report on anything critical of the Bush and Blair governments, features right-wing pundits as guests, and herself appears as a guest on right-wing roundtable discussion shows along with other right-wing pundits.

The commentary below does not specifically relate to Mishal Husain. This is a commentary on journalism in America.

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Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with any of those websites listed above. After reading articles from those websites you may find out the truth, but the truth is not the accepted mainstream mythology shilled by the corporate-news-mainstream-media. If you try to talk about what you've found to your friends who only know the accepted mainstream mythology, you will be treated like a fool. Those who accept the corporate-news-mainstream-media's manufactured reality will counter you with simpleton talking-points, and when their arguments fail, with insults. They will talk about politics as if it were a chess match, while you'll talk about the agendas of those who own the chess board; those who set the boundaries and move the pieces. They will talk about politics as if it were only a match between ideologies, political parties, personalities, while you'll talk about the realpolitic/realpolitik. They accept the corporate-news-mainstream-media mythology because "it works" for them now. Reality doesn't hit them until they lose their jobs, need medical care, or lose a relative in some oversees war. All you can do is just tell your friends about websites with links to real news articles and maybe they will search for the truth. Maybe people allow themselves to be blind sighted so they won't have to deal with things they can't do anything about. The truth will set you free, but it won't make you happy. The only satisfaction you'll get in pulling the wool off your eyes is the knowledge that you are no longer a dupe. People in foreign countries know more about what is going on here than average citizens here; people here know more about what is going on in foreign countries than citizens there. The corporate-news-mainstream-media is deceitful, manipulative, disingenuous, and wholly unapologetic.
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