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BAIZUO - what the CCP call American and Western leftists, useful idiots
DISCLAIMER: All news media is biased. There is no "objective" news media, each news media outlet is the mouthpeice of their owners and sponsors. That is why you must check as many different news sources from all over the political spectrum, from all over the world, to see different perspectives through different ideologies.

WARNING: Stay away from any radical group right or left, because when any one person in the group commits a crime, the whole group is charged with a conspiracy to commit that crime. And if the crime is of a racial nature, you will likely be prosecuted under USCA Title 18 Section 241, likely because you will have been framed up by FBI agents to fit the law under which you will be prosecuted.

BRAND NAME CONSERVATIVES: are the controlled mouthpeices of "establishment conservatives" who are warmongering neo-conservatives. Brand Names pretend to care about conservative politics until policy is being made, then they shill for the "uniparty" establishment. Working class patriots, the paleo-conservatives, are marginalized as "populist" when policy is being made by the uniparty, but are pandered to by the Brand Names during election cycles. Working class patriots end up voting for Brand Names who lie, cheat, and overtax the "populists" to enrich themselves and their cronies while giving nothing to the hapless paleo-conservatives.

CONSIDER: the division in politics is not really between leftists vs. conservatives, it is globalists vs. nationalists and the real litmus test for politics is if it is "America First"; for the best interests for American citizens or not. The leftists and conservative politicians are public speakers who fundraise to enrich themselves and live lavish luxury lifestyles in perpetual "campaign mode", they do the bidding of their biggest donors, they "place a premium on political action." Politicians just tell people what they want to hear, pander, say whatever it takes to get elected, then once elected, they just cater to their biggest donors, insulate themselves from criticisms, and enrich themselves. The corporate news medias are the mouthpeices of the plutocrats. The most well paid news media personalities' jobs are to sell the establishments' agenda and to intimidate critics to silence. Eventually democracies fail as the plutocrats select and install controlled and compromised figurehead politicians who devolve governments into kakistocracy while the working laboring taxpaying citizenry are disenfranchised, abused by corporations, neglected by social services, punished with taxes, and used as canon fodder in endless pointless wars.

Remember this quote = "Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket."

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Black Conservatives
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Washington Monument Syndrome, Washington Monument Defense
  • Among self-perpetuating government bureaucracies, it's known as the Washington Monument Syndrome: When a department - say, the National Park Service - is told it must trim its budget, it immediately slashes its most visible public amenity - in this case, shuttering the Washington Monument to tourists. Whenever it comes time for budget cuts, politicians always start with popular attractions. That rouses public opposition and softens the way for tax increases.
  • Washington Monument Syndrome
Frivolous Lawsuits, Tort Reform
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  • Niall Ferguson, he was good but has since sold out to Washington beltway insiders, he is now a shill for old money establishment politicos
  • Noam Chomsky, now an old far-left hard-leftist Communist, but exposes how corporate mass media manipulates public opinion
    Noam Chomsky quotes
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Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with any of those websites listed above. After reading articles from those websites you may find out the truth, but the truth is not the accepted mainstream mythology shilled by the corporate-news-mainstream-media. If you try to talk about what you've found to your friends who only know the accepted mainstream mythology, you will be treated like a fool. Those who accept the corporate-news-mainstream-media's manufactured reality will counter you with simpleton talking-points, and when their arguments fail, with insults. They will talk about politics as if it were a chess match, while you'll talk about the agendas of those who own the chess board; those who set the boundaries and move the pieces. They will talk about politics as if it were only a match between ideologies, political parties, personalities, while you'll talk about the realpolitic/realpolitik. They accept the corporate-news-mainstream-media mythology because "it works" for them now. Reality doesn't hit them until they lose their jobs, need medical care, or lose a relative in some oversees war. All you can do is just tell your friends about websites with links to real news articles and maybe they will search for the truth. Maybe people allow themselves to be blind sighted so they won't have to deal with things they can't do anything about. The truth will set you free, but it won't make you happy. The only satisfaction you'll get in pulling the wool off your eyes is the knowledge that you are no longer a dupe. People in foreign countries know more about what is going on here than average citizens here; people here know more about what is going on in foreign countries than citizens there. The corporate-news-mainstream-media is deceitful, manipulative, disingenuous, and wholly unapologetic.
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